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Yes, the end.

Posted Friday, 28 August 2009 by SOzuken

This is it. The site has been moved to a new server, it's resting place for all eternity. My work here is done, and it's time for us to take our place in history.

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Truly the end...?

Posted Sunday, 02 August 2009 by lefritz

Dear all,

I am saddened to say that after reading SOzuken's post, I have made the difficult decision to cancel the server that this site is run on. The lease of the server runs out on August 15th, and on that day it will be shut down. It does sadden me to make this move, and I hope you all can forgive me; I know that this site has meant a lot to a great many people in the past.

However, I hope that my retreat from hosting will not be the last act of WF. I would love it if someone else would take up the role of hosting this wonderful forum. To this end, I have taken a back-up of the whole site today, and intend to do so on the 14th as well, and have this backup on my personal computer. If anyone wants to get a small hosting plan organised and upload the site onto this then they will have my full support (although I feel I must ask for SOzuken's permission first...), and I will help in any way possible - not least by providing the backup of the site. The server needs only a small bandwidth allocation, you guys are pretty light on usage, but does need mysql or similar to run (in theory about 8 databases, but in reality only one or two are needed). Also, the backup is 2GB big, so it needs more hard-drive space than that. SOzuken holds the domain name, but I'm sure he'd be happy to transfer everything over to someone else.

I really do hope that this site can keep going, you guys are all awesome.

If you want to get in contact with me (for any reason) it's "lefritz at gmail.com".


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Sayonara ~ (Forum Shutdown)

Posted Thursday, 23 July 2009 by SOzuken

Dear All Our Beloved Staff/Fanboys/Fangirls/Skeptics/Former-of-Such and simply anybody still reading this forum,

I type here today with the biggest bag of mixed feelings I've ever had. Today I do what I should have done but didn't have the heart to do... I've been too scared to admit it, but I loved the people and the anime too much to say goodbye. I can't express how much fun I've had, and how this will always be a chapter in my life that I will remember. We started in October 2004 and have outlived ourselves, and maybe right now we're just looking for some sense of closure. Our life circumstances have changed... (psst, that long awaited gf has come) and if there's one thing I learnt, everybody needs to move on. So here it is... goodbye! (>_<) The time has come to go. We can't push on any further, so this is our letter of resignation.

But before we go... I want to say that I remember all of you who have been with us! A big thanks all of our supporters and fans who have ardently followed our work. I thank all the people who have been with us through the years, and even those who worked against us. Maybe you'll just let this be a fading memory. Or maybe you'll look back one day and smile at all the silly hours you spent with a bunch of virtual wannabes.

Let me reach out by name to all the boys and girls (or once so) who have crossed paths with WannabeFansubs:

Ohmer - good ol' founder and group clown
Zodiacers - the restless founding translator
lainlover - was he even part of the founding?
Niels - our first webmaster!
Sojiro - you know what you did
azrael - our mascot then, still cute now, he's got WF in his blood
MusashiKen - what could we have done without your translation checks
Bantam - thanks for the great website and forum
taqma - you helped Musa with those tough translations
Franky-kun - he's a keeper when it comes to timing
grimlock - helpful lad from KAA
RuFo_ThE_oNe - Were you the French artiste?
Meatbun-man - How have you been?
lefritz - He's still paying for our webserver now!
Koji - Great times with Shiny and sb
Shiny - The 1337 editorz
sssbbb - coolest QC guy ever, i hope you've found a new blulilmunkey *wink*wink
Keitaromangas - Thanks for that sushi treat ;-)
Edward_K - This man brought our distro into the modern age
Swampstorm - Devout fan turn diligent editor
bigeye - great help on the forums
impact - your irc bot is still running amok
Intrus - thanks for being with us
SnhKnives - I loved your AFX in our videos
Lopo - great distro guy
DreadWingKnight - Your BT trackers are infallible
Tatslacker - slacker... but venerable with translations
red - we enjoyed the interview with you
Foressense - you have my respect for life!
Nemo - fantastic editing
Juice - I saw your college presentation about WF!
Hinatanko - our underage girl translator, hotz too ;-D
terrukallan - this guy can do anything!
Delphideo - our grammar improved tons with you
The_Observer - observed our Harima fanclub
BLUE_rex - An avid Eri lover
wark - Mikoto-chin?
AngelsThesis - Thanks for supporting us all this time
TruePsyche - it was short but prolific, thanks for the OVAs
sputnik - You came too late =(

Thanks everybody. This is a really sad moment for me. I'm sorry to have disappointed many of you, but this is the very end of the road and we know it. Let's look back on the great times and jokes we shared happy.gif.

Sayonara minna-san!

- SOzuken, July 24, 2009 [01.30AM GMT+9]

The forum has been frozen until one day that it may be taken down or archived forever on Google.

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School Rumble 3rd Term - Episode 25

Posted Wednesday, 30 July 2008 by Nemo

After much anticipation, WF has released the first School Rumble San Gakki OVA. While this is listed as Episode 25, it is one of two OVA episodes that are being bundled with the last two volumes of the School Rumble manga series in Japan.

Episode 26, which is expected to be the conclusion of the series, is scheduled to be out in September. Right now, there is no confirmation that "Episodes 1 - 24" will ever be produced. There is a summary of the episodes on the official School Rumble website, but it's in Japanese.

I would like to give a special thanks to 4cat, TruePsyche, Swampstorm, terrukallan and everyone who worked on the show. Also to azrael, Hinatanko, Keitaromangas, DreadWingKnight and our QC team for their support. Finally, everyone needs to join me in thanking SOzuken - our fearless leader. This group would not exist if it weren't for him and his affection for the School Rumble universe.

I will answer some Frequently Asked Questions in the forum discussion below.

- Nemo out

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Site move complete

Posted Wednesday, 25 June 2008 by terrukallan

Welcome to the new home of Wannabe Fansubs (which just so happens to look a great deal like the old home).

The forums are once again open.

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